Who's The Princess
Who’s The PrincessWho’s The PrincessWho’s The Princess

Who’s The Princess?

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This is Cinderella

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To be the first to find your invitation, dress, tiara and glass slippers, put them in your coach, and get your Princess back to the Fairytale Castle for the Ball!


  • Fairytale castle (2 pieces)
  • Enchanted forest game board (4 sections)
  • 4 princess playing pieces
  • 4 coaches
  • Wicked Queen playing piece
  • 2 dice (l number, 1 picture)
  • 16 princess cards

Get set

  1. Assemble the 4 pieces of the game board (match the creepers to get it correct).
  2. Slot the Fairytale Castle together and place in the centre of the game board (match the colours so your Castle walls and track are the same colour).
  3. Each player chooses a Princess and places her on the Castle space on their board section – in front of their Castle.
  4. Each player takes her coloured coach and places it in front of them.
  5. Each player takes her 4 coloured accessories and places them face down in the centre of their board section – remembering which is which.


  1. The first player throws the number dice and moves accordingly
    clockwise round the board (the footprints being space 1).
  2. When a player lands on a ‘Coach’ space they throw the picture dice:
    A. Invitalion, Dress, Tiara, Shoes – Player has o chance to guess which of the 4 cards face down in front of them is the correct item.
    Player turns over one card, if they are correct then the card is put into their coach.
    If they pick a wrong card it is returned to the board face down and the player must try to remember which one it is for their next turn.
    If a player throws invitation, dress, tiara or shoes and already has that item, they get another throw (but not another one ofter that).
    b. Magic Stars – Player con toke any one of their cards and put it into their cooch.
  3. When a player lands on a ‘Wicked Queen’ space the player moves the Wicked Queen piece to any other ployers costle spoce, then:
    o. they con either mix-up the other players cords or
    b. make the other player put a cord bock onto the board
    from their coach.
  4. When a player has collected all 4 cards in their coach, play continues until that player gets round the board and lands on any of their coloured spaces (if you land on the Wicked Queen space in your section this doesn’t count as a coloured space ond play continues). They can then move to their castle space and win the game!


The first ployer to collect oll 4 cords ond get bock to their Costle spoce is the reol Princess.

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