Trolley Dash
Trolley DashTrolley DashTrolley Dash

Trolley Dash

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Get exited, with a real shopping experience.

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Product Description


To be the first player to pay for and fill their trolley with six items (five different food groups and one treat) and leave the shop.


  • 4 shopping trolleys with plastic bases and moving wheels
  • 36 plastic coins
  • 6 shopping lists
  • 36 item cards (6 for each shopping category
  • Supermarket shelf unit
  • Supermarket aisle gome board (.l2 sections)
  • Dice

Get set

  1. Assemble the four supermarket aisle tracks and arrange them in a large square with the arrows facing clockwise.
  2. Place the food and treat cards on the colour-matching supermarket shelves and place the unit in the middle of the tracks.
  3. Each player takes a shopping trolley to match their starting track border colour and puts it at the start of their colour track.
  4. Each player tokes a shopping list and nine coins.


  1. Play starts with the youngest player and continues clockwise.
  2. The starting player throws the dice and moves along their coloured supermarket aisle track.
    Coloured space – When a player lands on a coloured space they pick up the item card they need from the corresponding food group or treat eg. Green space = vegetable. The player puts the card in their trolley and puts a coin in the slot to pay. If a player forgets to pay they have to return the item.
    Trolleys cannot overtake each other – as you roll from space to space if there is a trolley in front of you you push it along ahead of you.
    Spilt water space – If a player lands on a spilt water space they have to return one item to the shelves from their trolley. They do not toke money bock.
    Buy one, get one free space – If a player lands on a star space they pick up any two items they require but only pay for one.
  3. Play continues clockwise round the four tracks until one player has collected all six items in their trolley.


The first player to collect all six items from their shopping list and move round the board to the end of their coloured track is the winner.

Additional Information

Dimensions 9.3 x 24.3 x 22 cm


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