Sneaky Bunnies
Sneaky BunniesSneaky BunniesSneaky Bunnies

Sneaky Bunny

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Be a tricky bunny. Avoid being caught by the grumpy farmer.

Our games make kids laugh and help them learn through play.

  • Memory
  • Counting
  • Colours
  • Communication
  • Sharing

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Product Description


To be the first player to collect three carrots in your chosen colour.


  • 4 sneaky bunny playing pieces with furry tails
  • I Grumpy Former playing piece
  • 5 plastic bases for the bunny and former playing pieces
  • 12 carrots with coloured ends
  • I Grumpy Farmer’s field
  • 4 two-piece sneaky bunny paths
  • 2 dice (one number, one picture)

Get set

l. Ploae the Grumpy Former’s field in the middle of the ploy area.
2. The sneaky bunny paths come in two pieces and fit together like o jigsaw, make sure the arrow ond the end space are the some colour. Place one sneaky bunny path per player leading from each side of the Grumpy Former’s field with the coloured stepping stone space next to the field.
2. Each player chooses a sneaky bunny ploying piece and places it on the arrow start space furthest from the Grumpy Former’s field.
3. Shuffle the carrots and slot them of random, with the coloured end down, into the Grumpy Former’s field. Use all the carrots even if there ore only 2 or 3 players.


  1. Play starts with the youngest player and moves clockwise.
  2. The first player rolls the number dice and moves their bunny their path towards the Grumpy Former’s field.
  3. When a player lands on the coloured space next to the Grumpy Former’s field they get the chance to roll the picture dice and pick carrots from the field. Players do not need to roll the exact number to land on the coloured space nearest the Grumpy Former’s field.
    Picture dice – Roll one carrot, pick up any carrot from the field and show the coloured end to all the other players. Roll two corrots to pick up two corrots showing the coloured ends to everyone.
    Motch – If the end of the carrot(s) matches the coloured space on the player’s bunny path the player keeps the carrot(s) and moves their bunny bock to the arrow start space on their bunny path.
    No match – If a carrot picked from the field does not match the player’s coloured space they must place the carrot back into the field. The ployer leaves their bunny on the coloured space next to the field until their next turn when they can roll the picture dice agoin.
    Note – If a player picks up two carrots and one matches and one doesn’t, the player returns the non-matching carrot to the field, and keeps the matching carrot. The player then moves their bunny back to the arrow start space on their bunny path.
    Grumpy Former – If a player rolls the Grumpy Former they con turn the Grumpy Former to face any other player. The chosen ployer must move their bunny back to the arrow start space on their bunny path.


The first player to collect three carrots that match the coloured space on their bunny path is the winner.

Additional Information

Dimensions 9.3 x 24.3 x 22 cm


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