Silly Socks
Silly SocksSilly SocksSilly Socks

Silly Socks

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Collect socks and win the game.

Our games make kids laugh and help them learn through play.

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Product Description


To be the first player to collect three matching pairs of silly socks.


  1. Woshing mochine with plostic door surround
  2. 4 washing baskels
  3. 32 socks (16 pairs)
  4. 4 pants

Get set

4 players – use all the silly socks and pants.
3 players – remove three matching pairs of silly socks.
2 players – remove six matching pairs of silly socks and one pants.

  1. Put the washing machine in the middle of the play area.
  2. Each player chooses a washing basket.
  3. Shuffle the silly socks and pants and deal each player three silly socks face down.
  4. Put the rest of the silly socks and pants face down into the washing machine.


  1. All players turn over the three silly socks pieces in front of
    them to see if they con make a matching pair. A matching pair is placed in the player’s washing basket. Any player with a matching pair tokes two more items from the washing machine.
    Note – If a player is lucky enough to make another matching pair then these too are placed in the washing basket and the player tokes another two items from the washing machine.
  2. Ploy then starts with the youngest player and moves clockwise.
  3. The starting player takes on item from the washing machine.
    Match – If the item is a silly sock that matches a sock the player already has, the player puts the matching pair of silly socks into their basket and takes two more items from the washing machine – please see note above if the player gets another matching pair. Players always keep three non-matching silly socks in front of them.
    No match – If the player con’t make o matching pair they must return any one of their silly socks to the washing machine, keeping three non-matching silly socks in front of them.
    Pants – lf the player tokes a pants cord from the washing machine, they place the pants on top of the washing machine where the cord will not be used until the next game, and they miss their next turn.


The first ployer to collect three motching poirs of silly socks is the winner.

Additional Information

Dimensions 0.93 x 24.3 x 22.0 cm


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