Pesky Pirates
Pesky PiratesPesky PiratesPesky Pirates

Pesky Pirates

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Collect more gold! Hunt for the Treasure!

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Product Description


To be the pirate who collects the most gold coins in their treasure chest.

Get set

  1. Put the four pieces of the game board together.
  2. Place a gold coin on each space around the island, leaving the four footprint spaces empty. Pile the remaining gold coins in the middle of the board.
  3. Each player chooses a treasure chest and places it on the’X, in front of them.
  4. Choose either the parrot or the Jolly Roger piece and place it in the middle of the board by the pile of gold coins – this is the parrot’s/Jolly Roger’s pile.
  5. Each player then chooses a pesky pirate playing piece and puts their pirate on the footprint space in fronf of them.


    • 4 treasure chests
    • 36 gold coins
    • 4 pesky pirate playing pieces
    • Parrot playing piece
    • Jolly Roger pirate playing piece
    • 5 plastic bases for playing pieces
    • Desert islond gome boord (4 sections)
    • Spinner


    1. Play starts with the youngest prayer, who spins the
      moves clockwise around the board.
    2. If a player spins a number they move their playing piece the same amount of spaces around the board. When a pirate lands on o gold coin, the player collects the coin and puts it in their treasure chest.
    3. If a player spins a gold coin they can toke a coin from the Parrot’s/Jolly Roger’s pile in middle of the board. If the pile is empty the player can take a coin from any space around the board. The ployer then tokes onother turn and spins again.
    4. If a player spins a parrot/Jolly Roger, the prayer places the parrot/Jolly.Roger piece in front of any other players treasure chest. The chosen player must return one of their gold coins to the middle pile. The parrot/Jolly Roger is then moved back to the middle of the board next to the pile of gold coins.
    5. If a space is already occupied the player must move to the next free space.
    6. when all the gold coins on the playing collected, but there ore still coins left in parrot’s Jolly Roger’s pile, ploy continues until a player spins a gold coin on the spinner. Thot player then takes all of the coins from the parrot’s/Jolly Rogers pile and puts them in their treasure chest. This is the end of the game.


    The player with the most gold coins in their treasure chest is the winner.

    Additional Information

    Dimensions 9.3 x 24.3 x 22 cm


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