Dodge The Dino
Dodge The DinoDodge The DinoDodge The Dino

Dodge The Dino

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Collect the eggs – but watch out for the crazy Dino!

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To collect the eggs from the Dino’s den on the Rock, without getting knocked off by the dinosaur’s tail.


  1. Spinning dinosaur (cord dinosaur
    with plastic spinner basel.
  2. Dino Rock gome boord.
  3. Ploying trock (6 sections).
  4. 4 cove people ploying pieces.
  5. 12 dinosour eggs (6 brown, 6 white)
  6. Dice with coloured spots

Guide To Assemble Spinner

Guide To Assemble Spinner


Get set the Dino.

  1. Place the Dino Rock in the centre and jigsaw the track pieces around the outside, making sure that the starting rocky path section matches up with the tracks going up the side of Dino Rock.
  2. Place the dinosaur on the spinner in the centre of the Dino Rock.
  3. Position all the cove people in the rocky path section of the outside track ready to start.
  4. Place 10 eggs in the slots on Dino Rock. Put the remaining 2 eggs in the nest next to the Dino.


  1. The first player throws the dice and moves round the bottom track to the first correct coloured spot os shown on the dice.
  2. If the space is occupied – go to the next free space of that colour.
  3. Ploy continues around the track, when a player gets round the track once – they continue up to the Dino Rock.
  4. If a player lands on an ‘egg’ space on the outside track they immediately move up to the first free space of the some colour on the Dino Rock. Once on Dino Rock players follow the footprints round the Rock.
  5. Land on a coloured space with an egg – player collects the egg and slots it into their ploying piece base.
    Any empty slots on Dino Rock should be filled with the eggs from the nest until they ore used up.
  6. Throw a Dino on the dice – player spins the dinosaur – the Dino’s toil will knock off any ploying piece which is on o space on the green nest. (Any player not on the green nest should not be knocked off.) When a player is knocked off they go bock to the rocky path on the lower track and put any eggs in their ploying piece base bock in any slot on Dino Rock.
  7. If a player gets safely round Dino Rock to the lost multi-coloured egg space they move immediately to the rocky path on the lower track and remove the eggs in their ploying piece base. These safely collected eggs ore put in front of the player. Then the player starts round the track again to collect more eggs.


The player who has collected the most eggs wins the game.
If there is a tie – the player with the most brown eggs wins.
Try to collect brown eggs. If a player already has 2 eggs but lands on a brown egg, they can swap a white egg for a brown one.

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Dimensions 24.3 x 9.3 x 22 cm


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