Kids Activities: Hunt for Pirate’s Treasure. The Kids Will Remember It, Forever!

A routine day, make our kids bored. Brought them out for holiday like this couple. They choose to go to the beach and make this trip a memorable experience for their kids. They hunt for the treasure!

The boy found a bottle washed up on the rocks.

Kids Activities: Kids found bottle on the rock

He’s thrilled!

Kids Activities: Kids found bootle on the beach

It’s a map inside the bottle.

Kids Activities: The boy with pirate treasure map

Let’s follow the direction to the place marked X in the map.

Kids Activities: Dad & son on the beach

Use metal detector. And found a key!

Kids Activities: The boy use metal detector to find a treasure

And when they dig deeper, they found a treasure box.

Kids Activities: The boy found a treasure

It’s full of jewelleries! Wow!

Kids Activities: The boy found the treasure

This treasure was setup by his father a day earlier. To their surprise, this was a jaw dropping experience for the kids.

You can do this too … be creative, be genius.

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